Our six white grape varieties

Clairette : Clairette is an indigenous grape variety and thus particularly well adapted to a terroir comprising heat and stony soils. It makes smooth wines with complex citrus and white flower aromas.

White Grenache : Wine made from white Grenache is similar to its black brother, powerful with little acidity. The bouquet is often dominated by narcissus and privet flower fragrances. The white Grenache tends to make rounded wines that linger in the mouth. It expresses itself best when combined with Clairette and Bourboulenc grape varieties.

Bourboulenc : This late grape variety likes a dry, warm and low-altitude terroir. It is therefore particularly well suited to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape terroir. It brings in balance and makes a lively, very flowery wine, full of subtle, yet lightly fleeting aromas (bitter almond, vanilla, green apple).

Roussanne : This grape variety is characterised by the quality it confers to Châteauneuf wines, imbuing them with elegance and finesse. Its aromas are flowery in nature, combining the smells of iris, violet and honeysuckle.

Picpoul : Originally from Languedoc, wine made from this cultivar is aromatic with a fine bouquet, rich, typical, lively, and full of finesse and elegance.

Picardan : Originally from Provence, this grape variety is full of vigour and high yielding. This variety is used in blends and makes a wine typical of the region, bringing in a fine bouquet and finesse.